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Our wacky, wonky April – what a month it’s been…

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This past month I’ve been hard to find.  Every once in a while I would dig my way out of the mound of journal articles I was buried in long enough to say “Hi!” to my family and cook them dinner (if they were lucky).  April was “one of those months” where everything seemed to come at once.  I would have loved to have put everything on hold so I could focus on my school work but I couldn’t.  Life had to continue.

It was so bad that the cats had to snuggle with each other because I wasn’t able to give them any lovin’.

Now that things have started to settle down (a little), I can sit down and reflect on all that has happened over the past 30 days.  April – it’s been a wild and crazy ride…

Let’s start at the beginning of the month when Mother Nature decided to play an April Fool’s joke on us and dumped 25 cm of snow.  I was able to actually roll a snowball across the yard (usually the snow is too dry to do that) and Zachary and I made one good looking snowman.  I also got to hang out with one of the resident coyotes.  I could have stayed there all day watching him.  He actually walked towards me a little and stayed still while I snapped a few pictures.

My dear laptop that had been in my life only a short four and a half years started to show signs of dying.  We had been through so much, including the wreck.  Why did you have to go at such a young age?  A new family member came into my life and we are getting along quite well.

Anita and I got season tickets to the shows at the Southern Jubilee Theatre.  I’m so excited!  This season we get to see Wicked, Beauty and the Beast, and The Blue Man Group.  I know we are going to have a blast!

I learned that rubbing alcohol removes ink from couches.  Zachary found a ball point pen and wanted to test the stain resistance of the couch.  He made sure to test all the sections of the couch incase there was any variability among them.

As far as my school goes, April was pretty much a roller coaster ride.  You can tell it’s going to be an interesting day when you are warned about the photos that are displayed on the walkway.  I completed my proposal and got it submitted to my committee.  I also got the essay on muscle efficiency completed andturned in – which marked the end of my class requirements for my degree.  I just about went insane with the stress and worry of getting everything done.  Now I look back and wonder why I let myself get so worked up…  go figure.  I was able to do a red muscle prep from a goldfish have it still twitch so that was a huge victory.  Dr. Syme says that these preps are some of the most difficult dissections to do, so I was pretty happy with myself.

Things are rocking along and two days before my first committee meeting, Dr. Syme hits me with “Iceland is off.”.  Evidently an illness is running rampant through our fish that are currently in holding tanks and being acclimated to different temperatures, and many are dying.  We can’t just pick somewhere else to go because the fish have to be acclimated for a couple of months.  I was devastated – still am.  I hoped that a new plan would be developed with my committee, but nothing really got hammered out.

Jackson had a lot going on this month, too.  He finished up his IPP project on dragons and presented his research.  He also performed in his school’s production of Mulan.  They go all out on these performances.  You can check out the post for last year’s show here.  Once again the 400 students involved did a fantastic job (and the foods class made excellent Chinese refreshments).


One of the biggest events in Jackson’s April was the obtaining of the braces.  He’s not necessarily happy that he has them, but he’s dealing with them well and has gotten semi-used to them.  Rugby is in full swing now and games will be starting soon.  I know he’s enjoyed getting his cleats on and getting back out on the pitch (it means field).  I can’t wait to see him out there again – doing his thing… Here are a couple of posts (1 and 2) where you can get a quick refresher on what it was like stepping into the rugby universe for the first time.

Brandon also had an exciting month.  He took off to San Francisco for a few days with work stuff.  It was a much needed and deserved break and I was so excited that he got to go.  He got back on a Thursday and the next day was on stage performing at an Improv show.  It was so great!  He had been taking the class and was allowed to perform the first few skits.  The Improv Guild put on a terrific show – but I think one of my favorite games was “Pants, No pants”.  It’s hard to describe, but I’ll try.  Two guys are discussing legal issues in very serious manner. “No pants” is heard and the guys are still talking seriously about the pressing legal matters they must attend to.  There is one difference though…  Guess what it is.  It was a night of a lot of laughter and great friends (and it was only $5!).  I definitely want to go back.  He also turned another year older and was able to enjoy a white birthday.  However, he also had to shovel snow.


We wrapped up the month with Easter.  Zachary enjoyed dying eggs and we were able to spend Easter dinner with Dr. Syme, his family, Alex (my lab mate), and Ashley.  Ashley is from Massachusetts and came up for a week to learn how to do the muscle physiology tests on fish.  She’ll be working on swordfish and will have to perform part of her dissections on a boat.  I’m a little envious of the boat-part, but not of the dissecting while rocking back and forth part.  I’m glad that I was able to work with her, if only for a week.


I’m sure I’m forgetting a lot – but you got the highlights.  The rest of the pictures are up on Flickr, feel free to stop by and have a look.  Here’s hoping that May is a great – but maybe a little less hectic – month.

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