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Here’s to starting new things…

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So with September comes a new season and the opportunity to immerse yourself into new endeavors. We have been pretty busy this month getting everyone settled into a routine.

Zachary is at a new dayhome with VonKids.  This will be the only month he spends at HappiTots and with Valerie, which is unfortunate.  He really loves it there and is always excited to go.  Generally when I pick him up there is some form of fit thrown – either he wants to stay in the monkey costume or he doesn’t want to leave a certain book or puzzle.  Starting this Friday he will attend the Montessori preschool and daycare that’s closer to the house.  I know he’ll love it there as well.

Jackson is officially in Junior High.  I can’t believe it.  Sometimes I wonder about letting him skip a grade – if I hadn’t then he would only be going into the 6th.  He’s enjoying his classes and is once again taking Amatrol, drama, and French.  He’ll pick up Environmental Education and tourism next semester.  There will be another IPP project this year.  This is a project designed specifically for him for further enrichment (because he’s “gifted”).  Last year he studied ancient mythologies.  We will find out soon what this year will entail.  Fencing has started back up and he’s really enjoyed getting back in that.  I’m really enjoying that he can walk to school so I don’t have to worry about being free at a particular time to get him.

Brandon is now married to a young college coed (Ha!).  In trying to decide what to do, I debated between a job and school.  Considering that I don’t have a skill set and I’m good at school, I chose the latter route.  I’m in the biological sciences department at the University of Calgary in Dr. Syme’s lab. Right now all I am doing is cutting through red tape and getting settled into my office and program.  I chose to sit in on a biological statistics class and lab (stats has always been a weak link and has just gotten weaker as the years went by).  My classes, that I’m actually registered for, are a physiology seminar and an independent study with my advisor.  We have been discussing project possibilities and as much as I love my snakes, I’m going to broaden my horizons.  In simple terms, I will be looking at fish physiology in hopes to answer ecological questions.  The species of interest have yet to be determined but I hope to get them narrowed down (as well as my field sites) in the next couple of weeks.  As of now we are going to Iceland next spring for a month to grab some data.  Because of my interests, I straddle the fence between physiology and ecology without completely fitting into either group.  I’m technically in the physiology group, but I get to tag along with the ecology people.  The ecology group is having a retreat this weekend that I was invited to go to.  We will be in BC for the salmon run.  I’m pretty excited about that and I’m sure that will comprise my next post.

All of us have new juggling tricks that we are getting accustomed to.  In between our acts we are still trying to enjoy this beautiful country.  We took a quick trip to Canmore today.  It was nice being able to walk along the river and then meander through town.  After a late lunch we headed back to Calgary.

We are all starting new chapters in our lives that should lead to some pretty amazing adventures.  It’s going to be an incredible journey!

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