Chaos still reigns in the rugby universe

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We had two more rugby games on Mother’s Day (which we won).  The whole process is still chaotic, but there are slivers of order appearing here and there.  Chaos in the form of lack of communication is still king.  I tried to find out what time the game was.  The  schedule on the Alberta Junior Rugby site posted that the game was 9-10:30.  So we (along with a few others) showed up at 9. Evidently nobody really pays attention to the schedule.  They try to play at the same time every week.  Coaches showed up about 9:45 and we finally played at 10:30.  It wasn’t too bad waiting – but it was chilly.  There wasn’t enough players to split the team in two so they had to rotate quite a bit.  The coach on the sidelines did a great job of making sure everyone got equal playing time.

Everyone did get a lesson that body checking was not cool in this game.  One of the guys we were playing slammed into our girl player and she went flying. They got a penalty and she got her revenge… the next play she scored.  There was a lot of scrumming going on – but at this age they don’t do anything except get in position.  The team is shaping up nicely.

Jackson did well.  The coaches kept saying that he was one of the forwards. I’m not quite sure what all this entails – my Personal Rugby Encyclopedia had to go spend Mother’s Day with her mom.  I’ll have her explain when she gets back.  I do know that he was the one that threw the ball in from the sidelines during the line out (which they don’t really do at this age).  He’s also a prop in the scrum, but I’m not sure if that has anything to do with being a forward.

The other team had a couple of big kids that were quite hard to take down.  At practice this week we will work on tackling the four “big kids” on our team. Jackson was thrilled to discover that he is considered one of the four.  He can’t wait to get tackled over and over again (I know you can’t see the sarcasm dripping off these words and pooling on the floor – but trust me, it’s there).

Once again Jackson made some tackles, ran with the ball, and got tackled. He almost made a try (score).  He was just over the try line, but couldn’t get the ball on the ground.  I was so excited to get to watch him play.  It was another week for huge smiles after the game.  I still can’t believe that my son is out there in the middle of all the action and getting tackled.  He made the comment that tag rugby (what he played in school at the beginning of the year) was fun, but tackle rugby is A LOT of fun.  He’s having a blast out there.  I’m so proud of him.

My hope is that Order will overthrow Chaos and take control over the rest of the season.  I know that learning and understanding the game will help, as will better communication.  If nothing else – gotta love the view from the fields.


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