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Dude, Where’s My Book?

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Jackson’s play came to a close last night.  The school did an amazing job at pulling this production  together:  teachers wrote it, fashion classes made costumes, food club provided refreshments, band  played the music, students worked on building sets, the list goes on…  The program focused on the joy  of reading.  It takes eight students through seven stories to show them how they can connect to books.  The following stories were included: Wizard of Oz, The Lord of the Rings, Guinness Book of World  Records, Diary of Anne Frank, Dr. Seuss, Love You Forever, and The Three Little Pigs.

While watching the play opening night I was reminded of a show I watched  honoring Tom Hanks. When referring to Forrest Gump, he said that reading  through the script you had no idea what the movie was about: Vietnam,  desegregation, shrimping, ping pong, Watergate, Elvis, chocolate… you get the idea.

The play had orcs, munchkins, a wicked witch, clowns, dogs, Joe Jonas, the Holocaust, pigs,  stopped up toilets (and I did get splashed by the toilet water), a cat with a large red and white hat,  a  guy riding a unicycle,  and so much more. With over 400 people involved it was a huge effort to  pull  it off and they did very well.

So what was Jackson’s role in all of this?  He was a munchkin – one of the tallest munchkins to be exact.  He did great and kept the demented munchkin look the whole time.  I know he had a great time even with all the after school rehearsals.  He has a few days rest and then his next endeavor gets started — rugby!

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Trying something new…

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4-23-10 Ok, so my computer guru husband told me about creating another website for the boys. He spouted several reasons for doing so — something about videos, youtube, and picture storage. I don’t really know. I love my husband, but sometimes when he talks computers all I hear is the teacher off of the Charlie Brown shows. I’m experimenting with blogs so please be patient with me. I’ll keep the other website ( for previous pictures. I don’t think I’ll move everything over, but who knows. I might even get crazy and actually learn something about all this computer website design stuff… or maybe not.

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